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Thoughtful Segmentation Leads to Growth

How segmentation leads to growth

With the customer truly driving brand interactions, we as marketers need to talk to our customers individually and personably. Bringing this 1:1 communication to scale is the challenge, but it’s one in which we’re narrowing the gap each day. The following are ways in which advanced segmentation is bringing us closer to this goal.

Diffusing Data Overload

43% of CMOs say they don’t have the ability to transform the vast amounts of data they have into real-time action. For those who struggle with untangling data, there’s no real indication that brand truly knows their customer. And how can you communicate with someone you don’t know? Part of the glory of a loyalty initiative is the ability to cumulatively gather thousands of interactions across omnichannel sources and attribute them to one customer.This builds a holistic view of the customer we call the Golden Profile. This centralized data view of your customer is the start to your SmartJourney®, allowing you the tools to segment customers in a way that makes it easy to communicate at scale.

Identifying Customer Value

Once you fully know your customer, you can see the thousands who are on similar customer journeys, what drives them and what they want to experience through your brand. By thoughtfully segmenting these customers, we can overlay these groups against the value framework of your business. This gives us a personalized view of the 5 Milestones to Ideal we identify in the SmartJourney®: how do we now attract customers, activate them, and engage them, and finally, how do we make brand advocates of these customers? We can look at this data and see: who are your members today? Have you attracted a lot of customers but not fully engaged them? Which segments are more engaged than others, and how can we create more engaged customers?

Creating Actionable Design

The next step is to guide your brand strategies, marketing CRM, tiering, and program design to lead to customer growth and ROI. We determine what elements of your marketing we can change to make it more engaging to the core segments that deliver quantifiable value to your business. Or, for those customers whose behavior you want to influence, how can we move them along the solutions roadmap to become a more habitual buyer?

The response we’ve had to brands through this segmentation has been overwhelmingly positive. Some brands thought they knew their customers, but they may have only had a part of the picture until pulling all these elements allowed them to optimize their customers’ lifetime values.

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