Partnerships & Rewards

World-class benefits to encourage the ideal customer journey, from attracting new members through to saying thank-you for loyalty and brand advocacy

The Aimia Loyalty Solutions team helps you offer the right rewards and benefits proposition for your customers to keep them coming back to your brand. With our decades of international experience, you can use the partnerships and relationships we built to create a value proposition shown to drive interest and engagement.

Custom Value Proposition Design & Execution

Brands must shift from the traditional rewards mindset to new partnership principles and digital experiences. Our data-led Partnerships & Rewards strategy and design helps clients find their unique balance between program goals and customer value. We bring this to life through new and innovative partnerships and digital rewards presented to customers at relevant moments, offering custom-curated content. This enables “Smart Redemption,” a commercially optimized engagement milestone delivering the right redemption, to the right customers, at the right time, for the right investment.

Value Creation & Mutual Success Approach

Your success is our success. Aimia Loyalty Solutions helps clients access new ways for customers to earn and realize program value through merchant partner discounts, offers and investments. The ultimate aim is to enable the program to shift from cost center to profit center, creating new sources of revenue, with richer program experience for members.

Aimia Loyalty Solutions believes in the value creation potential for programs, and bring this to life through smart, success-oriented commercial models, which drive performance by aligning business economic goals and focusing on maximizing customer engagement.

Global Partner Marketplace & Travel Shop

Aimia Loyalty Solutions has curated a partnership network and marketplace, with the most trusted and in-demand industry leaders. This allows us to personalize member benefits through third-party content modules offering a flexible array of new earn & burn opportunities based on customer preferences and value our partner-funded models support various redemption options, bonus point collection, cashback, or discount & value add offers. Travel Shop provides high-value options and expanded experiences through a host of experiential offers, airline, hotel and car rental options.


Personalized offers boost loyalty – member visits increase by 14% and spend increases by 12%

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