Campaign & Customer Experience

A marriage of the art & science of loyalty marketing to deliver 1:1 personalization at scale through targeted, relevant campaigns

Marketers face the challenges of an increasingly complex customer journey, an expanding ocean of available customer data and the increasing demand from consumers to be recognized with a personalized customer experience. Aimia Loyalty Solutions simplifies the complexity and gives brands the power to deliver 1:1 personalization at scale via loyalty and CRM programs.

CX at the Heart of Loyalty

Our team helps you define growth goals, set campaign and promotion strategies, and mobilize operational resources to deliver on your vision through world-class campaign strategy and planning. SmartJourney® uniquely enables Aimia Loyalty Solutions to quickly diagnose and recommend campaign strategies for program optimization, while a growing selection of artificial intelligence and machine learning models deliver predictive recommendations for your customers over time.

The SmartJourney® Campaign Model

Aimia Loyalty Solutions offers pre-built journey map templates and campaign assets to launch your SmartJourney® implementation for your customers. From standard data models to operational campaign flowcharts, our customizable SmartJourney® campaign solutions can help jump-start your program and deliver real results. Clients have used this proprietary model to increase their ROI in many ways, including triggering automated campaigns to realign customers about to churn and increasing engagement during member onboarding to boost the customer lifetime value.

1:1 Personalization at Scale

Data Management & Automation

Aimia Loyalty Solutions data architects expertly query operational data stores to build advanced segmentation models and create automated data flows. This allows marketers to scale 1:1 personalization strategies.

Campaign Development & Delivery

Our campaign specialists develop award-winning content and creative for email, mobile and web. We execute digital assets using the latest techniques for responsive design and accessibility, while ensuring maximum compatibility across devices. Each campaign is monitored for deliverability and performance throughout the member lifecycle.

Personalized headlines, copy & content based on insights from customer interactions can lead to an increase of up to 163% in open rates.

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