Advanced Visual Analytics For Key Business Insight

Gain deeper customer insights to answer critical business questions through AI-enabled machine learning tools and visual analytics

Customer data is the foundation to truly knowing customers and building out loyalty that engages and inspires them. Our proprietary diagnostic tools allow you to pinpoint key opportunities to create impact within your customer base. Predictive models based on the latest machine learning toolsets help drive behaviors to produce better ROI.

Diagnostic Insights to Understand & Influence Customer Behavior

Customer data analytic tools from Aimia Loyalty Solutions give deeper insight into the behavioral patterns unique to each business. These actionable insights can pinpoint the gaps and opportunities to drive business growth. Built within these tools, the SmartJourney® methodology identifies key engagement milestones and predicts where customers will move across engagement stages. This predictive engagement can help drive personalization strategies to create campaigns with better ROI, and increased overall engagement. Once the model is created, monthly refreshes will guide marketers to optimize ongoing results.

AI-Based Machine Learning Tools for Predictive Modeling

Predictive Churn models help identify retention risks, Next Best Offer models help drive 1:1 relevance and boost engagement levels within an audience, and Fraud Prediction models help reduce costs and minimize fraud. Our engine enables more real-time processing with even greater accuracy over traditional methods. Proprietary loyalty scoring determines the relative value of each customer and predicts who is mostly likely to become your next high-value customer, which can help improve onboarding results, nurture more customers for engaged growth, improve retention and boost overall CLTV.

Ongoing Validation & Optimization for a Best Program Performance

Easy-to-use dashboards with standardized KPIs provide a real-time window into ongoing member engagement. This allows marketers to monitor overall program health and performance – such as enrollment rate, earning and redemption activities, and evaluate the impact of marketing campaigns. With this advanced analytics toolset, marketers gain the real-time insights needed to optimize spend, create a superior user experience and gain the maximum marketing return.

Brands are 7 times more likely to present an offer to a customer who needs it, which equates to an ROI increase of 11% when running a campaign through Aimia’s Churn Model

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