Integrated Ecosystem

Open and public integrations means seamlessly connecting your marketing and operations tools to your loyalty technology

Streamline & Optimize Your Technology

At the core of our customer loyalty solution is hundreds of published APIs and data syncs that enable a connected ecosystem which grows over time. We have strategically built industry-specific SDKs for ecosystem partners so that our platforms can integrate to multiple providers without our clients having to manage custom software.



Continued Innovation in Integrated Technology

Our loyalty technology was engineered from the beginning to work with a broad array of third-party vendors, systems and platforms. As a leader in loyalty technology, we continue to invest in integrations that will elevate the customer experience, including communication partners, reward providers, payment providers, POS and digital marketing.

Direct Integration – Salesforce Marketing Cloud

One of Aimia Loyalty Solutions’ most popular standard integrations is with SalesForce Marketing Cloud. This integration enables right-time personalized messaging, goals-based promotions and loyalty automation to connect with customers at their moments of brand truth.

Continued Cumulation of Data into a 360-degree Customer View

To create holistic, data-rich profiles that enable marketers to better understand and predict customer behavior, our integrations across marketing and operations technology feature consistent uptime.


  • Open API integration, featuring 200+ web services that interface directly with third-party software, POS and more at sub-second speeds
  • Pre-built integrations with some of the biggest brands in marketing, including SalesForce Marketing Cloud, enable a seamless omni-channel experience
  • Future-focused to integrate with emerging technologies through open and public APIs

“The Aimia team is able to provide us with guidelines … in the loyalty space. They also provide a quick turnaround to any questions or concerns we may have. They are able to provide best practices and run a seamless implementation.”

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