Campaigns & Promotions

Reach your customers at the right time via the right channel, with personalized campaigns and promotions

Engage Customers at the Right Time in the Journey

Loyalty tech should make building 1:1 relationships with all of your customers easy – no matter the millions of people you want to connect with. The combination of accessible data and actionable tech, supported by SmartJourney® insights, makes it easy for brands to scale individualized customer journeys.

SmartJourney® Enhanced Campaigns

Our customizable SmartJourney® campaign solutions add incremental value and overall profitability to your program. Clients have used this proprietary model to increase their ROI in many ways, including triggering automated campaigns to realign customers likely to churn and boosting member engagement during onboarding to increase the customer lifetime value through the life of the program.



Personalized Offer Engine

Within the platform, effective omni-channel personalization stems from the Aimia Loyalty Solutions proprietary customer loyalty scoring. We factor in Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) and Recency/Frequency/Monetary Value (RFM), activity history, origination traffic, profile, SmartJourney® segments, redemption history and transaction data to send targeted relevant offers, at the right moment via the right channel.

Data-Driven Campaigns

Thanks to the powerful segmentation system built into the platform, campaigning in the platform is highly custom and targeted. That’s rounded off by a messaging system that works both entirely within the platform and alongside each member’s third-party system.

Real-Time Decisioning

Our platform offers real-time decisioning to automate or trigger right-time messaging. It connects to an omni-channel ecosystem (mobile app, website, POS, etc.) to personalize experiences based on profile, interactions, transactions and in-session behavior.


  • Campaign management technology is natively integrated with the Aimia Loyalty Solutions loyalty platform
  • Behavior-triggered 1:1 messaging takes customer data and turns it into actionable communications
  • Integrated AI and machine learning tools enhance campaigns to guide members along their customer milestones and maximize their value to your business

Push notifications that use personalized targeting or trigger criteria boosted open rates between 30% and 380%

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