Analytics & Measurement

Continuously optimize your program and track against KPIs with insights from in-depth analytics reporting

Measure the Success of Your Program

With the use of the Aimia Loyalty Solutions analytic tools, brands can track past and present customer behavior and predict future value. This provides marketers with the details needed to showcase loyalty program ROI and help ensure growth.

Visual Dashboards to Track KPIs

Our visualization tools allow marketers to easily measure program performance to further unlock business opportunities. The Aimia Loyalty Solutions platform offers out-of-the box comprehensive reports and pre-built dashboards that visualize performance via 88 KPIs.



SmartJourney® Enabled Analysis

Identify where your customers are and visualize their future journeys across key milestones through the data-enhanced SmartJourney® analytics. This in-depth analysis allows you to identify revenue-saving and maximum growth opportunities within your business.

Retrospective Reporting & Custom Reports

Aimia Loyalty Solutions provides standard, out-of-the-box reporting, as well as custom ad-hoc reports that provide insights into customer and program performance. These reports pull directly from your loyalty database and can also consume third-party data warehouse information to put insights at your fingertips.

Unsurpassed Industry Benchmark Data

To elevate our clients’ loyalty programs, Aimia Loyalty Solutions uses 80+ years of loyalty benchmark data from across hundreds of global programs. We work closely with our clients to track and measure KPIs against the overall program health, making it easier for marketers to make smarter decisions that drive customer growth.


  • Customizable and pre-built dashboards let you easily see where to take action to improve business and loyalty program performance
  • Analytics reporting leverages AI and machine learning tools to make interpreting customer behavior easy
  • Fraud detection and reporting can show if and where fraud is impacting your business so your team can take necessary steps to mitigate risk
  • Industry-leading benchmark data shows how your program performance stacks up against hundreds of successful programs worldwide

On average, loyalty rewards program members in the US and Canada spend $86 more with traditional and online retailers than nonmembers within a typical three-month period

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