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With a wide global footprint, Aimia Loyalty Solutions runs loyalty programs in more than 40 markets with a deep regional knowledge of best practices

The Advantage of a Global, End-to-End Loyalty Provider

When businesses strategize for future growth into new markets, they should consider ways to reduce fragmentation and silos within the company caused by misaligned technologies, agencies and structures. By capitalizing on one loyalty provider who can implement global programs with a single platform, they’ll benefit from simplified processes and lower costs.

Take Advantage of International Loyalty Expertise

Global economy means consumers are crossing borders yet expecting a cohesive experience across each country; interactions should be consistent and should deliver a memorable experience no matter where in the world they are. By working with a global loyalty provider, you can leverage a wealth of knowledge around the differences within each region. Having a diverse base also prioritizes inclusion and creating a program that’s consistent while paying homage to local flavor .

  • With a wide global footprint, Aimia Loyalty Solutions runs loyalty programs in more than 40 markets with a deep regional knowledge of best practices
  • As part of a flexible, dynamic loyalty platform, constant feature releases shaped by leading global brands means you have access to cutting-edge ideas and technology.
  • As brands look to maximize their ROI, having one robust loyalty platform that easily enables personalization and reduces the strain on your marketing technology stack
  • With hundreds of programs in retail, travel & hospitality, CPG/FMCG, entertainment & media, and financial services, Aimia Loyalty Solutions brings regional expertise to each project

North America

In each region, different rational and emotional factors play into what attracts and keeps customers into loyalty programs. The North American Loyalty Solutions team studies customer data and behavior to develop the predictive modeling that shows what motivates customers in Canada, the United States and Latin America.

Locations: Toronto, Montreal, Minneapolis, Newark

Europe & Middle East

Our EMEA team across the United Kingdom, France, Norway, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates are leading the charge of loyalty in this region. European and Middle Eastern customers respond to loyalty schemes and practices differently than other regions, which is why our loyalty experts bring a depth of knowledge in regional fundamental loyalty while looking for opportunities to leverage new, diverse tactics used globally.

Locations: Voorschoten, London, Manama, Santo António, Dubai, Doha


From Australia to Singapore to Hong Kong, our Asia-Pacific Loyalty Solutions team continues to master the experience of the connected customer. Driving loyalty behind real-time messaging across all channels at the right time, APAC customers benefit from relevant content delivered at every touchpoint of where they are.

Locations: Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo

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