Travel & Hospitality Loyalty Solutions

Stand out in a crowded marketplace by anticipating traveler needs, creating inspirational experiences, and giving preferential treatment

Personalize the Traveler’s Customer Journey

Travel & Hospitality loyalty programs have long set the pace for recognizing frequent travelers. With a saturated market, brands can leverage a long history of loyalty data to uncover new ways to differentiate from the competition.

Leverage Customer Data & Loyalty Best Practices

Predicting customer behavior and creating brand travel habits starts with understanding the customer, their key motivations and their wants and needs. Loyalty enables brands to gain a holistic view of the customer, built from capturing interactions, emotions and transactions at every travel touchpoint. At Aimia Loyalty Solutions, we combine traditional and leading-edge loyalty tactics to further influence behavior to create a habit, such as tiering & recognition, personalized surprise & delight and gamification.

  • A versatile loyalty technology platform enables high-touch member services, which unlocks the emotions that connect a customer to your brand
  • Scale and personalize 1:1 campaigns by using predictive analytics and machine-learning models recognizing your customers and personalizing their journey
  • Use rich customer data & analytics to find predictive high value customers that are worth investing in to increase margins and optimize marketing spend and efforts

“Aimia’s platform gave us the ability to transform our loyalty program from a stay-based program to a points-based program. Support is readily available when we have questions on how to effectively use their various features and requests to setup program promotions. Their strategic guidance proves invaluable when looking for recommendations for program enhancements and market research.”

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