Retail & eCommerce Loyalty Solutions

Move beyond traditional, discount tactics by creating emotional connections that drive brand loyalty

Find Differentiation in Retail Loyalty

Retail loyalty can set a retailer apart from the rest.

With an increasing trend in retail reinvention and the continued growth of ecommerce, loyalty strategies and seamless technology can lead brands to stand apart from the competition.

Personalize the Customer Experience to Drive Emotional Loyalty

Today’s connected consumer demands personalization at every touchpoint. To deliver this, brands must start with a data-rich, holistic view of their customers. Loyalty enables retailers to move beyond segmented & real time and toward personalized & right time; delivering emotional connections and value to the consumer when and where they need it. At Aimia Loyalty Solutions, creating long-term emotional connections starts with a customer-centric, data-driven loyalty construct and continues through data-rich predictive modeling, 1:1 campaigns and individualized customer experiences.

Ecommerce brands can leverage loyalty analytics and tactics to run lookalike campaigns designed to reduce acquisition costs, and shift from rules-based retention methods to predictive churn modeling, which increases campaign ROI by 11%.

  • Power personalization with our Customer Management by capturing omni-channel customer interactions, behaviors and attributes in real time to build a 360-degree view of the customer
  • Predictive analytics fueled by machine learning identifies the value of each customer, at any given moment, including which customers are most likely to become advocates or those at risk to churn
  • Escape broad discounting by building emotional loyalty with triggered, relevant customer offers at each touchpoint. Creating 1:1 interactions recognizes your customers and personalizes their journey
  • Optimize marketing spend and efficiency by leveraging proven machine learning tools and robust loyalty technology to shift dollars and effort away from expensive acquisition to effective retention

“Al Meera partnered with Aimia to design and develop a loyalty program that is scalable and ensures customers are rewarded. The design and strategy of the program was supported by Aimia’s global loyalty expertise and insights driven strategic recommendations that will help to further understand customer’s behavior.”

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