Entertainment & Media Loyalty Solutions

Turn your customers into superfans and watch them grow and advocate for your brand

Uncover New Revenue Streams

Whereas data was once disparate amongst channels for entertainment & media companies, such as movie theaters, gaming, sports, online media and concert venues, a loyalty solutions strategy unifies customer data into one data-rich profile; enabling continued targeting, messaging and engagement that builds brand advocacy.

Supercharge Fandom Through 1:1 Engagement Strategies

Plain and simply: Our loyalty builds brand advocacy. As entertainment & media brands look to take advantage of the benefits loyalty programs have to offer, they’re unlocking new ways to supercharge the value of brand advocates. Loyalty and engagement programs enable entertainment brands to use rich customer data to help personalize customer journeys through predictive Next Best Action and right-time communication. At Aimia Loyalty Solutions, we give marketers the tools to guide customers through milestones toward becoming a brand superfan.

  • Execute and scale triggered 1:1 campaigns that create personalized customer journeys that empower and reward customers at each milestone
  • Boost engagement and monetize communications that use customer data to build brand advocacy while also growing valuable customers
  • Uncover opportunities within your business, including opportunities to capitalize on new revenue streams with partnerships
  • Grow customer engagement through leveraging customer data and predictive analytics to understand behaviors of high value customers

“Aimia’s quality product has enhanced the customer experience at our Racetrack and other facilities by providing customers with rewards that enhance their wagering experience. On the back end, Aimia’s product allows us to properly capture and analyze the data that better allows us to make strategic decisions moving forward.”

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