Serving customers is our greatest award and gaining industry acknowledgement for their success is even better

We take great pride in the work our team and clients are doing, as shown by these industry leading awards.


Aimia client Al Meera for Best Eco Loyalty Initiative of the Year and Best New Loyalty Launch of the Year

Aimia Loyalty Solutions wins Best In Class Agency award from peers as a leading global provider of loyalty.

Avis Preferred Wins Best Loyalty Program of the Year

Avis Preferred Wins Best Redemption Ability - Americas

Avis Preferred Wins Best Loyalty Redemption Ability- EMEA

Avis Preferred Wins Best Elite Program

Avis Preferred wins Best Overall Loyalty Promotion

Best Engagement Strategy for a Female Audience 2018

Loyalty Programme of the Year (Gold)

Best Loyalty Marketing Award 2017

Loyalty360 Top 10 Agency 2019

Loyalty360 Rewards & Incentives - TELUS

Loyalty360 Top 10 Technology 2018

Loyalty Programme of the Year 2018

Best Benefits or Loyalty Programme of the Year 2018

Best Debit Card Programme of the Year 2018

Best Car Rental Company Worldwide

What our clients are saying

“One of HSBC’s key priorities is to offer our customers the best value from a loyalty programme. For our Premier, Advance and Personal Banking customers, who lead a global lifestyle, a world-class travel rewards programme is an integral value-add. HSBC’s ongoing commitment with AIMIA reflects the strength of the Air Miles program. By extending our agreement in the programme, HSBC will continue to benefit from a strong market differentiator, while ensuring that our Air Miles proposition is made more rewarding for our customers.”

“Al Meera partnered with Aimia to design and develop a loyalty program that is scalable and ensures customers are rewarded. The design and strategy of the program was supported by Aimia’s global loyalty expertise and insights driven strategic recommendations that will help to further understand customer’s behavior.”

“Monmouth Park has offered patrons an industry-leading loyalty platform for many years; Aimia’s quality product has enhanced the customer experience at our Racetrack and other facilities by providing customers with rewards that enhance their wagering experience. On the back end, Aimia’s product allows us to properly capture and analyze the data that better allows us to make strategic decisions moving forward.”

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